Fish Eye Fun is the FIRST fisheye photo booth. It was created in 2010 in a loft apartment on Washington Ave in downtown St. Louis by photographer and filmmaker, Ben Brammeier.


After ten years in the film industry, Ben moved back to St. Louis to start a wedding and portrait photography studio, Benjamin Trevor Photography. He very quickly noticed that photo booths were a popular addition to wedding receptions so he decided to come up with a unique spin on the photo booth to offer as an upgrade to his wedding photography clients.


A friend of his shared a fisheye photo she had taken at a party on Facebook. The host had setup a camera with a remote shutter release and a fisheye lens on a tripod so people could take selfies. That was it. Just a camera on a tripod. No printers, no lighting, no filters, no photographer, not even any props. Ben decided to combine that idea with a photo booth and Fish Eye Fun was born.


As he developed Fish Eye Fun and began bringing it to events, Fish Eye Fun quickly took off on it’s own. In 2014, Ben photographed his last wedding to focus full time on Fish Eye Fun.


From one rig and one person working out of a loft apartment to nine rigs, six photographers, two full-time photographers/project managers, working out of 4000 square foot building, Fish Eye Fun has become the best event photography/photo booth out there.

By The Numbers



why Fish Eye Fun really is WAY better:


We created the fisheye photo booth and built a business around it. We do not offer lots of other services or even a big variety of photo booth options because we would rather be the best at just one thing: Fish Eye Fun!


Fish Eye Fun is NOT an automated system. Our team of photographers really is what puts the “FUN” in Fish Eye Fun. Excellent photo quality and tons of prints don’t mean much unless the experience of taking the photos is just as awesome as the photos themselves.


Nothing beats a real print you can hold in your hand, put on your cubical wall or share with Grandma and Grandpa. We think novelties like flipbooks and boomerangs are really cool but you can’t stick them on your refrigerator. And let's face it, nobody wants to show Grandpa how to look at a boomerang on his phone.


We will also make enough 4x6 4-up prints for everyone to have their own copy. Even if a group of ten comes through over and over again, we’ll make at least ten prints each time! If you like, we can even offer your guests “big” 1-up prints of their favorites.


Fish Eye Fun is fast without sacrificing quality. At a typical wedding reception, we take between 250 & 400 photos, with the majority taken over the last two hours of the event.


For high volume events, like festivals, we can provide a Computer Tech that allows us to average one 4-photo session every 55 seconds. That’s about a 1000 photos in a four hour period. If you have a lot of people to get photos with a VIP and we do single photo sessions, we can get through those about every 20-30 seconds.


This includes enough 4x6 prints for each person in a session to get their own prints.


For each event, we create two double-sided custom prop signs for guests to hold in the photos. They are great for taking a “Thank You” photo to send your guests, inside jokes, and event branding.


Every single computer, printer and camera will eventually fail and will likely do so without any warning. We use two printers and have backups of all “mission critical” gear ON-SITE at EVERY event because a backup camera doesn’t do much good if it’s stored at an office 45 minutes away.


A local small business doesn’t get over 22,000 Facebook followers in just nine years without consistently providing the best experience and taking the best photos. We are also award winning and have lots of awesome reviews , but we don’t want to brag. :-)

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