Is Fish Eye Fun a chain or franchise?

Nope! Fish Eye Fun is a homegrown local St. Louis small business.

What does 4 x 6 prints “for everyone” mean?

With Fish Eye Fun, everyone in the photos gets their own 4 x 6 print to take home for every turn. We stress this because many photo booths claim to provide “unlimited prints” but what they really mean is unlimited turns with only two prints per turn. If you want more than two prints, you have to go through again.

What is an “idle hour?”

The time we need to be setup and presentable but not actually taking photos is considered “idle” time. It’s important because many events, especially wedding receptions, are 5 hours long with a break in the middle for dinner and speeches. A common event schedule might be:

6-7 PM  Cocktail Hour
7-8 PM  Dinner Time
8-11 PM  Party Time

In this case, we would arrive around 4:30 PM to setup. We would start taking photos at 6 PM for cocktail hour, then shut down during dinner (the idle hour). After dinner, we would start taking photos for the remaining three hours until the end of the party at 11 PM. That would be 4 hours of service plus 1 idle hour. The idle hour does not have to be in the middle.

What if I want Fish Eye Fun during the reception but need you to setup earlier in the day?

Let’s say you want us running from 7 – 11 PM for the reception but need us setup by 4 PM because the ceremony is in the same room. We can’t setup at 5:30 PM because it would disrupt the ceremony so we’d arrive around 2:30 PM to be setup and presentable by 4 PM. We’d then idle for 3 hours until 7 PM. Since one idle hour is included, we’d have to charge for two additional idle hours. We charge $50/hr for idle time.

My cocktail hour and dinner are in different rooms. Can you move during dinner?

Yes, but there is a $100 move fee. Moving in the middle of an event is like moving the DJ or band and can take as much as 90 minutes. We don’t recommend moving, especially if guests are present. However, if you need us to move and can pay the fee, we’ll add 30 minutes to your Fish Eye Fun service time.

Do you travel outside St. Louis?

Yes! Fish Eye Fun has been all over the country! We’ve been as far west as Anaheim, CA and as far east at Washington D.C.. We frequently go to Kansas City, Memphis, Nashville, and Chicago. Please ask us about travel fees for events outside of the St. Louis area.

Can I provide my own scrapbook and pens?

Because the overall experience of Fish Eye Fun is greatly diminished by a scrapbook with no attendant, we prefer clients do NOT provide their own unattended scrapbooks. The Fish Eye Fun photographer will not have time to help guests with the scrapbook, which can be frustrating for both the photographer and your guests. We’ve also learned unattended scrapbooks tend to be messy and not nearly as complete as you would like. An unattended scrapbook is not the kind of experience we want you and your guests to have.

We understand our $300 scrapbook sounds expensive but the cost also includes a dedicated Scrapbook Attendant. We also bring archival grade acid-free pens and double-sided mounting tape. The cost also covers the additional media needed for the 3×4 size scrapbook prints. The Scrapbook Attendant will assemble the book cleanly and professionally as well as encourage guests to sign and leave fun comments.

Do you bring backup equipment?

YES! Good question! We encourage you to ask this of every photo booth you’re considering. Every computer, camera, printer, etc. will stop working eventually and will most likely quit without any warning. All of our backup gear is the same model or of equal quality as our primary gear and we bring two of just about everything WITH US TO EACH EVENT, not sitting in our office 30 minutes away.

Are you insured?

You bet! Like with backup equipment, you’d be surprised how many companies do not carry insurance. We highly recommend asking all your vendors this question.

Do you require a meal?

No, but we sure appreciate it! And we love cake.

What are your power requirements?

Fish Eye Fun needs to be within 25 feet of one grounded 110v electrical outlet with at least 10 amps of available load. A standard household power outlet is fine as long as a space heater, heat lamps, or another power-hungry appliance or vendor (like the DJ or Chocolate Fountain) is not on the same circuit. No refunds will be given if access to adequate power is not available or is interrupted. For outdoor events, if no power is available, we can provide 10 amp generator for $100 + $25/hr.

Can I provide a backdrop or step-n-repeat?

Sure! But the signature Fish Eye Fun service does not work well with normal backdrops.The field of view of our fisheye lens is nearly 180 degrees which would require a HUGE backdrop to fill the frame. If you would like to use a backdrop, like a step-n-repeat or a flower wall, please contact us about FEF Studio.

Do you require a deposit?

We charge a Booking Fee with a signed contract to book and guarantee your date. The Booking Fee is non-refundable and is considered payment for services rendered when booking your event (correspondence, scheduling, scanning of documents, filing, data entry, etc.).

Will you walk around taking photos of my guests?

Similar to a photo booth, Fish Eye Fun stays in one spot. The Fish Eye Fun photographer does not roam around an event taking photos but we do offer a “grip-n-grin” roaming photography option. Contact us for more information.

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