We know $300 sounds like a lot just for a scrapbook but the cost also includes 100+ additional prints, archival pens and tape, and (most importantly) a dedicated scrapbook assistant to help guests with the book. We’ve learned an onsite scrapbook MUST have a person dedicated to assembling the book. The Black Leather scrapbook is $350.

20 Page, 14 x 11 Scrapbook

At least six photos per page.

All materials used are archival and acid free

Additional Scrapbook Attendant

Take it home with you and the end of the night

Scrapbook Cover Options

*The Black Leather scrapbook is $350.

14 x 11 Coffee Table Book

Image Wrap Cover

High Gloss Printing

Up to 80 Hinged (Lay-Flat) Pages

Up to 120 Non-Hinged (Regular) Pages

Printed & Assembled in Missouri

Online Proofing

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