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Saturday, September 24th – Events

It’s yet another busy Saturday for all of us at Fish Eye Fun!  We hope to see you at one of our 7 events today!

Patrick is LIVE at Saint Louis University for their Homecoming and Family Weekend.
Jonathan is LIVE at The Magic House for AFB International’s Magical Milestone Celebration.
Ashley is LIVE at Old Stone Chapel for Kelley and Bryan’s reception.
Melissa is LIVE at Bretz Winery for Kathy and Travis’ reception.
Samantha is LIVE at Clayton Plaza Hotel Hotel for Lindsay and Alex’ reception.
Natalie is LIVE at Kemoll’s Top of the Met for Sara and Matt’s reception.
Jake is LIVE at The Palladium for Emily and Khai’s reception.

SLU Live Facebook Gallery
AFB International Online Gallery
Kelley & Bryan Live Online Gallery
Kathy & Travis Live Facebook Gallery
Lindsay & Alex Live Online Gallery
Sara & Matt Live Facebook Gallery
Emily & Khai Live Facebook Gallery

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