VU 2020 Camp Out - Samples and Ideas

Family Set - Beach Pirate Camp


For the family photos set, I assume the purpose of this setup is for each family to get a “nice” family photo together?


We could setup a “pirate beach camp” on the shore of the pond. Perhaps were the canoe was setup in previous years? We could have a treasure chest, pirate flag, wooden barrels, and camp fire. Those items shouldn't be too difficult or costly to acquire.


Since Saturday goes until 10 PM, we could try to rig up the campfire with light source so it appears the families are hanging around a campfire.


See samples:




Other Themed Setup (more like a photo booth?)


For the other theme related set, I assume this should allow for something more fun and silly. More like a photo booth, correct?


We’ve done signature Fish Eye Fun for pirate themed events in the past. I’ve attached some sample images below.


We don’t have any totally enclosed options on hand but we have setup a backdrop inside a 10 x 20 tent in the past. There are a number of pirate themed stock backdrops that could be purchased or we could work with you to create something custom.


We could combine a pirate theme backdrop with a practical foreground element like a Captain's Wheel.


It might also be possible to decorate the tent like a thatched hut or something.




Build Larger Set?


A more complicated and expensive option would be to build a larger set. Perhaps a portion of a pirate ship deck? This is beyond our in-house capabilities but we could partner with a design company to have something built.


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