Updated 8/26/2020

Dear Clients and Friends of Fish Eye Fun,


Though we have been hoping for the best, it is clear COVID-19 is not under control.

On July 26th, The White House designated the State of Missouri as a “red zone” for COVID-19 transmission. Additionally, in response to increased community transmission, local authorities have recently implemented new restrictions in St. Louis County, the City of St. Louis, and the metro east counties of Bond, Clinton, Madison, Monroe, Randolph, St. Clair and Washington.


We know how difficult it can be to have an event affected by this crisis, particularly once-in-a-lifetime celebrations like Weddings, Proms, and Mitzvahs. Being forced to reschedule, drastically change, or cancel a milestone event you’ve been planning and looking forward to for years is heartbreaking.


However, we must take COVID-19 very seriously.


We ALL have a responsibility to do everything possible to mitigate the spread of this virus.

“We all need to wear masks in public regardless of whether it’s mandated or not. We all need to practice social distancing and good hand hygiene. And we must also not gather in large groups, both formal and informal, these are just a recipe for viral spread.”
Dr. Alex Garza
St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force
July 22, 2020
"We need every American and everybody in Missouri to be wearing a mask and socially distancing."
"What does social distancing mean? It means we are asking every citizen to not have large gatherings… To really curtail those gatherings when you bring people together because we know there is amazing asymptotic spread.”
Dr. Deborah Birx
White House Corona Virus Task Force
August 18, 2020
"...just because masks aren't mandated everywhere does not mean you shouldn’t wear one, especially if you can’t social distance. Again, this is not just about ourselves. It is about everyone around us. Our actions do make an impact. We have come a long way since March and we must all continue to do our part to keep our families, friends, and neighbors safe."
Gov. Mike Parson
August 18, 2020
"For people’s safety, for people to get back into the classroom, and for the economy to move forward. People are going to have to take responsibility for their behavior. That virus is out there and it’s not going anywhere right now."
Gov. Mike Parson
August 5, 2020

Wedding and event industry professionals and clients must make drastic immediate changes and sacrifices in order to prevent exacerbating this crisis further. This is necessary not only to protect the health and safety of our employees and their families but to prevent further harm and new restrictions to our economy, schools, and communities.


Following guidelines and/or mandates from the Centers for Disease Control, Missouri Department of Heath and Senior Services, Illinois Department of Public Health, Jefferson County, St. Charles County, St. Louis County and St. Louis City Health Departments, and the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force, Fish Eye Fun currently requires that all events enforce proper safety protocols to prevent the spread of COIVD-19.


These protocols include but are not limited to:

  1. Client and venue will require all guests, staff and vendors to wear cloth masks indoors at all times during the event except when eating and drinking while seated at a table or briefly having their photo taken. Guests, staff, and vendors will be required to wear masks outdoors when social distancing can’t be observed.
  2. Client and venue will require all guests and vendors to observe social distancing at all times, indoors or outdoors, with anyone outside their household and immediate family.
  3. Client will reduce guest count enough to ensure social distancing can be observed.

Safety protocols also require restrictions to our service that include but are not limited to:

  1. For most weddings and events, we must limit the number of guests in each photo to a strict two-adult household limit plus any children or dependents living at home.

    Unfortunately, there are no exceptions for bridal parties or other groups. We hate having to do this but the coronavirus can be transmitted easily when groups of people are packed tightly together without masks for photos (especially in a loud environment after consuming alcohol).
  2. For school events, we must limit the number of guests in each photo to one person at time.
  3. No wearable props like hats, glasses, and boas will be provided or allowed. Stock and custom prop signs will still be provided for guests to hold.
  4. We will require a larger physical footprint than normal so our employees can maintain social distancing with guests.

We know these service adjustments are disappointing. In an effort to compensate for this, we will include:

  1. Extra prints for guests.
  2. Extra prints for clients.
  3. Extra custom prop signs.
  4. Large collage print of photos from the event.

More detailed information on these safety protocol requirements and adjustments to our services can be found on our COVID-19 Event Policies page. We will make adjustments to these policies as guidelines and mandates from the authorities mentioned above change.


For those of you hoping to move forward with your wedding or event in a more "normal" way, we know this is very disappointing. No one plans to have a wedding or event like this. We don’t like it either.


Unfortunately, this is the reality we are all facing right now.

Moving Forward


We are doing what we can to make the best of a very bad situation. We have several options:

  • Adapt
    We are happy to work with you to create a fun, definitely memorable, and relatively safe event for you and your guests while following the safety protocols outlined above and on our COVID-19 Event Policies.
  • Think Outside The Box
    If you’re planning an alternative to your wedding or event, please talk to us about how Fish Eye Fun might be involved in another way.
  • Reschedule
    Per public health officials, we expecting to be dealing with COVID-19 some form of safety protocols and restrictions through at least the end of 2020. Therefore, if you hope to have your event as you originally envisioned it, we recommend 2020 events reschedule as soon as possible to summer of 2021 or later.

    We are reducing our simultaneous event capacity from eight to four so available Saturday dates will fill up fast. We are not charging any penalties or additional Booking Fees to reschedule. If no mutually available date can be found, the client will receive a $300 Credit for future services.
  • Cancel
    Clients that choose to cancel their event or simply choose to cancel our services will receive a $300 Credit to be used for future services. If you have paid-in-full or made payments beyond the Booking Fee, we will, upon request, refund monies paid less the $300 Booking Fee.
  • New Services
    We know many clients will not have another opportunity to use the credit towards the Booking Fee for another large event. So will be offering thew new non-event photography services that a $300 Credit will cover such as:

    In-Studio Sessions themed for weddings, mitzvahs, graduations, birthdays and more.
    In-Studio Sessions for family holiday card photos.
    On location family portraits.
    Front Porch Sessions.

Booking Fee Refunds


We are not able to refund any Booking Fees.

  1. Per our contract, the Booking Fee is not a deposit. It is payment for services rendered at the time of booking and is non-refundable.
  2. Our number one priority is the safety and health of our employees and their families. Weddings or events that do not enforce the safety protocols outlined above violate the Dangerous & Objectionable Conditions clause of our contract, allowing us to terminate the agreement with no obligation to refund any monies paid.

We know this is disappointing. We are not trying to take advantage of anyone. Though we have no legal obligation to offer a credit to clients that cancel, we still want to offer some photography service options for the Booking Fees we have collected for no additional charge. That is why we are offering a credit for future services.


This crisis has devastated many industries but the wedding and event industry was one of the first to be shutdown and will likely be one of the last to fully recover. This isn’t an excuse, it’s just the truth.


New World


Life is different. The world is different.


As crushing as this crisis has been for our industry, we want to reiterate that we understand our clients have suffered heartbreak and challenges too. We want your events to be as fun and memorable as you dreamed they would be, but we must all pivot and adapt to the new reality we are facing.


Please honor this effort and help us help you.


We appreciate your compassion, understanding and support for us, and all your wedding and event industry vendors, during this difficult time.




Ben Brammeier


Fish Eye Fun

No one knows when life will return to "normal" but we are relatively certain we will be dealing with COVID-19 and some form of event restrictions until at least the Summer of 2021.


If you’re planning an alternative to your wedding or event, please talk to us about how Fish Eye Fun might be involved in another way.


We are also working to create new non-event photography services such as:

  • In-Studio Sessions themed for weddings, mitzvahs, graduations, birthdays and more.
  • In-Studio Sessions for family holiday card photos.
  • On location family portraits.
  • Front Porch Sessions.

We hope to begin offering these services soon. Please keep an eye on our website and social media pages for updates.

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