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Saturday, November 19th – Events

We’ve got a busy night both in and around St. Louis!

Ashley is LIVE at Marriott Grand for St Louis College of Pharmacy’s Holiday Dance.
Patrick is LIVE at SIEU Meridian Ballroom for the 5th Annual Kellsie’s Trees of Hope.
Samantha is LIVE at The Art of Living Building for Bloxels’ Holiday Launch Party.
Natalie is LIVE at River City Casino for the 16th Annual Stepping Out for the Angels.
Casey is LIVE at Westport Sheraton Chalet for Kristen and Dan’s reception.
Melissa is LIVE at NEO on Locust for Laura and Jon’s reception.

STL College of Pharmacy Live Facebook Gallery
Kellsie’s Trees of Hope Live Facebook Gallery
Bloxels Live Facebook Gallery
Stepping Out for the Angels Live Facebook Gallery
Kristen & Dan Live Facebook Gallery
Laura & Jon Live Facebook Gallery

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