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Saturday, October 7th – Events

It’s our biggest Saturday ever with NINE simultaneous events!  That’s a LOT of Fish Eye Fun!

Ashley is LIVE at Mount Pleasant Estates for Amber and Justin’s reception.
Joseph is LIVE at The Coronado for Katelyn and Jon’s reception.
Jake is LIVE at Sunset Lakes Golf Course for Nicole and Corey’s reception.
Natalie is LIVE at Hilton at the Ballpark for Anisha and Duane’s reception.
Melissa is LIVE at Lake St Louis Community Association Country Club for Marissa and Cory’s reception.
Samantha is LIVE at Wine Country Gardens for Sarah and Chuck’s reception.
Patrick is LIVE at Hecker Community Center for Hannah and John’s reception.
Jonathan is LIVE at Megan and Mark’s reception.
Casey is LIVE at Majorette for Keller: The Musical.

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Keller: The Musical LIVE Online Gallery

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